Goodbye Microsoft Teams bar... Hello Productivity

We've all been there, you're in a meeting, you start sharing your screen and things are going great... next up you need to do something at the top of your screen and you can't because the Microsoft Teams bar is in the way. You can't move it, you can't hide it, you can't do anything about it. Or can you?

GitHub Projects and Issues

Are you tired of your average planning tools? Take a look at what you could be using if you switched to GitHub Projects and Issues 😉

Set which chrome profile for Visual Studio to use

At MVP Summit this year one of the valuable things I learnt (which I can share ) was from Colin Dembovsky (ALM MVP) which was Using Chrome to Solve Identity Hell. Now I knew chrome profiles existed but never thought of using them to solve the problem of different identities, in-private mode was a way of doing things but you always lost that when closing the session so wasn't that great. Not going to talk much about that here, you can read his post to find out more.

SQL Prompt 6.4 Release

I used to highlight a bunch of text (a couple of statements) then press F5 to execute that statement. With this new release you are able to easily execute the current statement by pressing Shift + F5.