Is this thing on?

Sometimes you just need an accountability partner... or 2, and then you'll start course-correcting
📅 20 Oct 2023

Today, I talked to Luke Parker about how we both want to be more committed to blogging and sharing information with the community. 

We decided that we'd be each other's accountability partner and help ensure we kept up our sharing cadence and that we, at a minimum, wanted to share content to start forming the healthy habit of sharing with the community.

After that, we saw that Jack Pettit was still in the office, and after chatting with him, he mostly... partially... I think at least... agreed to join us. 


If it's on the internet... it must be true
Figure: If it's on the internet... it must be true

Now that it's on the internet... surely it's something that has to be done 😅.

My Plan

I plan on sharing a bunch of things that interest me about C#, .NET, Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub, and, of course, DevOps.

Some of these posts will be very simple things, like when I was interested in the past on the parsing performance of bool.TryParse given different true and false strings with and without padding (as a lot of code I was seeing at the time trimmed inputs before parsing, see BenchmarkDotNet: IsBoolean method for the code and benchmark results.

Other times there might be something more in-depth, like Load testing using Azure (this is the older tooling for it) or Turning "on" local cache for NuGet, which was a helpful tip that I was able to share with a presenter having bandwidth issues at a conference once and decided I'd share that small tip with others.

I guess the aim is to not share in isolation and, as much as possible, to preserve my keystrokes following a little in Scott Hanselman's lead, see Do they deserve the gift of your keystrokes?