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Goodbye Microsoft Teams bar... Hello Productivity

We've all been there, you're in a meeting, you start sharing your screen and things are going great... next up you need to do something at the top of your screen and you can't because the Microsoft Teams bar is in the way. You can't move it, you can't hide it, you can't do anything about it. Or can you?

Improving your git efficiency using git alias

Have you ever felt like typing out git commands requires too much effort, yet you don't want to switch to a GUI because that brings it's own set of problems? Have you tried using git aliases to make your workflow more efficient? Over the last couple of weeks I've shown many people how I'm using git alias to improve my workflows, if you're interested in improving your workflow, watch this video 💪😅

Deploying .NET templates using GitHub Actions

Once you've created a .NET template, you should automate the updates of the package using GitHub actions to remove the effort required in publishing updates

Visual Studio Item Templates vs .NET Templates in 2023

Long ago, one of the ways we'd get some reuse out of standard and utility files would be by exporting item templates. Since the .NET CLI rolled around, the approach has been different and much easier.

Is this thing on?

Sometimes you just need an accountability partner... or 2, and then you'll start course-correcting