Improving your git efficiency using git alias

Have you ever felt like typing out git commands requires too much effort, yet you don't want to switch to a GUI because that brings it's own set of problems? Have you tried using git aliases to make your workflow more efficient? Over the last couple of weeks I've shown many people how I'm using git alias to improve my workflows, if you're interested in improving your workflow, watch this video 💪😅
📅 21 Mar 2024

Video: Improving your git efficiency using git alias (14 min)

As I mentioned in the video, I've been loving using git alias lately... and everyone I've shared it with, seems to love the idea of it at least as well.

My current .gitconfig is below, you can find my latest in GitHub in my dotfiles repo 



A command that I didn't talk about in the video, but happens to be the alias I used the most every day is my git nb new-feature.

I'd use this when I've just commited some changes on a branch, maybe those changes have been squashed into the main/master branch and now I'm ready to make more changes. Before my alias, this is what I would normally do


It's only a couple of lines but when you are doing it a couple of times a day, it gets a little much. 

So instead of these couple of lines, I can simple type


If you want to use these aliases yourself, you can grab the config from above and put it in your .gitconfig, or you can run the below 2 commands and add them both to your .gitconfig.


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