Improving your git efficiency using git alias

Have you ever felt like typing out git commands requires too much effort, yet you don't want to switch to a GUI because that brings it's own set of problems? Have you tried using git aliases to make your workflow more efficient? Over the last couple of weeks I've shown many people how I'm using git alias to improve my workflows, if you're interested in improving your workflow, watch this video 💪😅

Deploying .NET templates using GitHub Actions

Once you've created a .NET template, you should automate the updates of the package using GitHub actions to remove the effort required in publishing updates

Playing with Azure and Terraform

I recently presented "Playing with Azure and Terraform" at our user group locally in Durban, there were some requests for a recording so I thought I'd share it here 😊 We play with a lot of different tech in this session like GitHub Codespaces, Azure, Cloudflare and Snyk

Scanning Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for vulnerabilities

In the modern world where it feels like every sentence has a Dev⭐Ops word in it, 1 that is probably used more than most is DevSecOps.When teams focus on DevSecOps they make sure to integrate security into every phase of development, this includes scanning for vulnerabilities as soon as possible. This videos shows you briefly how you can use Snyk to scan your terraform templates for vulnerabilities from your CLI as well as part of every commit pushed to GitHub.

Interacting with Cloudflare DNS and Origin Certs using Terraform

In this video we'll take a look at connecting to Cloudflare with terraform to fully automate a full (strict) SSL/TLS encryption mode setup We'll also cover setting up a basic nginx server which we'll use to validate that our setup is working as expected.

Managing GitHub secrets using terraform

In this video we'll take a look at Managing GitHub secrets using terraform as well as federated identities from GitHub into Azure. You should only be storing secrets if you absolutely need to, in this demo although we are only accessing storage accounts the change from a storage connection string to Azure Federated Identity means that we can access any of resource the identity has access too using RBAC which is a much better overall approach.

GitHub Projects and Issues

Are you tired of your average planning tools? Take a look at what you could be using if you switched to GitHub Projects and Issues 😉

Setting up commit signature verification for GitHub

Ever wondered why some commits show verified and others don't? Take a look at how you can make sure all your commits are verified. Commands from this video are available in this gist https://gist.github.com/DevStarOps/6c88482ecd632ba04d68d9e15590b4a2

Having fun with GitHub Codespaces, docker, swagger codegen cli

In this video I'm going to show you... How you can use GitHub Codespaces to prototype an idea and put it into action... or should I say actions with nothing more than your browser.

Rethink your application boundary and use Cloudflare

In this video I'm going to talk to you about... Rethinking your application boundary and using Cloudflare

Publish aspnet core sites to Azure easily using GitHub actions

Have a site sitting in GitHub that you currently maybe manually deploy to Azure or use some other tool? Why not useGitHub Actionsto quickly and easily publish to Azure. I was pushing a small site (Guid.Empty) to Azure through GitHub and decided to document the couple steps for future me 😋... oh and for you of course 😅

GitHub actions… CI in 5 clicks

If you don’t know yet what GitHub actions are you can read about it on the GitHub Actions feature on GitHub. In short on the 8th of August GitHub announced an update to their actions which you can read about in this blog post. it’s a very easy way to automate anything from any event in GitHub.